The Infinite liquidity token

Liquinity is an ERC-20 token avoiding the small-cap liquidity crisis by directing 100% of trading fees to the LP.

Automated liquidity injection

tired of being exit liquidity?

We were too. That's why 100% of trading fees go straight to our LQNTY/ETH trading pair. LQNTY is designed to translate token volume into deep liquidity. Buys and sells graciously feed Liqqy (LP) for the next round of traders. Thanks for paying it forward.

the taxes

buy 7%
sell 7%

8%+ Slippage
100% of taxes go back into the liquidity pool.
When the contract collects trading fees, they're instantly swapped for LP tokens and burned. Liquidity in perpetuity.

Automated Permanent Liquidity Generation (ALGO)

the mission

We've created the first-ever perpetual liquidity token by directing 100% of trading fees to our LP. The contract is renounced. The initial liquidity was permanently locked by burning all LP tokens. This is a community-led token.


the future

The future of infinite liquidity speaks for itself. We often see tokens end up on the moon with too few seats on the shuttle to bring everyone back down. $LQNTY is different. Everyone will share in the fruits of the upside through continuous liquidity provisioning. There's no end in sight for Liqqy's community.

Contract Address: 0xd1bE6C91352E5AFCa7C0db69Eaa390dBCBFCa762